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More than Payment Processing

We're much more! A processor. A global payments network. A single gateway for domestic and international merchants. One source for working capital. All-in-One Marketing platform. Credit Solutions for customers with challenged credit.

The Products + Services we offer cover the entire spectrum of your payment processing needs, both domestically and globally, and gives you the kind of security, access and options so you can focus on your business while we build and manage your payment program to give you the most from every transaction.

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Capstone Global Pay

e-Commerce Solution!

Helping Businesses Grow Their Revenue Through Local and Global E-Commerce
Localized Payment Solutions
Tax & Currency Management
Localization of Web Site
Customs Management
Fraud & Chargeback Management
Live 24/7 Support
Payment Data Analysis

One Simple Contract &
Easy Integration,
A World of Possibilities

Let's go Global!
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Capstone Global Pay

We Serve these Industries!

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Professional Services
  • Business to Business
  • Drug and Health
  • Insurance
  • Medical Services
  • Hospitality

We've Gone Mobile!

  • Take your Business on the go
  • Swipe Credit Cards anywhere
  • Low Startup Cost
Capstone Mobile Solutions “We also provide
mobile solutions”

Capstone Business Solutions

We are a “One Stop Shop” for all business related products.

Why choose Xtolia's

Discover the industry's first and leading All-In-One Marketing solution that integrates all popular channels of communication so that you can reach your entire audience with impact and orchestrate the most optimal marketing campaign.

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Our Merchant Capital division provides funding

Stay Open for Business with our
Funding department.

Qualifying for a small business loan in this economy is not easy. That is why Capstone Working Capital is here to help you obtain the funding you need to fulfill your dreams in growing your business.

Working Capital Benefits:
Stability in your business
Increase Profits
No Cash flow Shortage
Increased Morale
Working Capital Uses:
Purchase Inventory for Your Business
Open an Additional Business Location
Pay Rent & Other Business Expenses
Stay Current with Business Payroll

Unlike Banks or other Institutions,
we say Yes 95% of time when they say NO!

“We Fund your Business

  • Unsecured Working Capital
  • Small Business Loan Programs
  • Micro Loan Program
  • SBA 504 Loans
  • SBA 7(a) Loans
  • Small Business Loan Guarantees
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